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Hey Pumpkin! Need A Haircut?

Discover Falls Trending Hair Looks. Effortless and chic, find the fall look that fits your lifestyle. The pumpkin spice latte hype is back, which means so is our fall looks! From warm colours to velvet accessories. Shop the latest styles at Lift Hair Salon.

Best Island Hair Studio Grand Cayman

Kelly Massias Colour Painting

Going Viral


You've seen Kelly's effortless free hand painting, soft dimensions and timeless looks. So what are you waiting for? Book in before its too late.


Lift Hair focuses on enhancing each persons natural beauty to create low maintenance colors and wearable styles.


Lift's creative and collaborative team believes the combination of positivity, communication, and refined skill allows each individual to leave looking and feeling lifted!

Lifts Sold Out Best Sellers are RESTOCKED!

Theres a reason these products are flying off the shelves. Virtues Shampoo for Thinning Hair and the Recovery Conditioner. The hair duo that will change your life... literally. Replenish and thicken with these two delights. Trust us you won't regret it! Come purchase these two products today before they sell out again.

Virtue Hair Product Cayman Islands

New At Lift Hair - Introducing The 'Earliest Availability' Button

No More Long Waits - With Lift Hair Salon's 'Earliest Availability' button, you'll never miss out on fresh looking hair. Our team of experienced stylist will ensure that you get the look you want - even if its last minute.

Simply click our earliest availability button on the request page and a member of our team will send you the earliest time slot available.

Check Out Our Autumn Switch-up Looks

Creamy Beige: Features a delicate balance of beige, and subtle warm undertones creating a refined and natural look. A versatile choice, suitable for various skin tones.

Whisper Brunette: This functional hair color is an excellent choice for those who desire a sophisticated and captivating hair color.

Buttery Caramel: A rich and creamy tone that features golden and buttery hues with subtle hints of honey or caramel undertones. A popular choice for those who prefer a low-maintenance, soft and natural glow.

Butterfly Bangs Cayman Cut

Butterfly Bangs To Consider

The fringe, which gets its name, unsurprisingly, from a butterfly’s wings, is designed to skim the cheekbones to create a diamond shape. The perfect way to freshen up an end-of-summer hairstyle in line with the new autumn season without forsaking polish. Try it out, but don't forget that while it looks effortless on TikTok, butterfly bangs require a professional to create.

Because they are cut to create a deliberate movement and are tailored to your exact face shape.

Whether you want a slight adjustment or a dramatic transformation, we customize our services to suit your individual style and preferences. Interested in enhancing your hair? Click here to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced stylists.

Red Hair Colour
Golden Locks Colour

Blonde Hair

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