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Everyone's Talking About These 2024 Trends

If the beginning of the calendar year has you yearning for a change-up in the hair department, then you are in for a treat as Lift Hair reveals the biggest hair trends for 2024 in this blog.

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Popular Birkin Bangs How To

It's Time To Upgrade Your Hairstyle

Stay on top of your hair game with 2024's trending haircuts, styles and colour.

The Italian Bob

Boasts a chic, chin-skimming length that elegantly embraces the contours of the face, avoiding the extended corners seen in some other bob styles.

Low Contrast Colors

Are stealing the spotlight. Picture seamlessly blended tones that create a subtle, harmonious gradient, providing a natural and effortlessly chic look.

Birkin Bangs

These face-framing fringe delicately emulate the timeless and iconic style of Jane Birkin. Picture a soft, wispy curtain of bangs that effortlessly adds a touch of Parisian allure to any look.

Lift Hair Testimonials

We Love What We Do & It Shows!

Kelly Massias Hands down the best salon in Cayman! Kelly has been doing my hair for 15+ years, and I don’t think I would ever let anyone else touch my hair. Her coloring skills and techniques allow for flawless, low maintenance growth. Every time I sit down in her chair, no matter how many months it’s been, I’m like "do I actually need to do anything to it?!" Not only is she the best, the salon is just gorgeous with so much natural light and a nice vibe.

Natalie Martin Nat is great! Spends time with her clients and will take time making adjustments. She is an absolute professional and takes care of you 100%. I highly recommend her!

Emily Hewson Can’t recommend Emily enough. Lift Hair is a lovely space, with high quality products and Emily is a goddess with blonde hair! My hair looks and feels amazing after every session with her.

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The Best Hair Oil at Lift Hair

Recently deciding to grow your hair? Adding a few drops of the life changing Virtue Healing Oil to your hair routine will surely make a difference.

Virtue's impressive formula contains the brand's own patented human-identical keratin, so slips into those struggling strands to prevent breakage occurring. Thoughtfully, it's a totally clear oil too, meaning those with icy highlights can use it without fear of brassiness.

Get the perfect fringe

Fringe Benefits

There's almost always a fringe to suit every face shape. Ask our team for any of the below:

  • Feather Fringe

  • Layered Side Fringe

  • Baby Bangs/Micro Fringe

  • Blunt Full Fringe

  • Split Winged Fringe

Whether you want a slight adjustment or a dramatic transformation, we customize our services to suit your individual style and preferences. Interested in enhancing your hair? Click here to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced stylists.

Looking for Hair Inspo? Take a Look At Out Latest Work!

Hair Magic Highlights Hair Inspo

Hair Magic Highlights Hair Inspo

Chose Lift Hair for Best Hair Service on Island

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