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May Your Holidays Be As Bright As Your Highlights

Updated: Jun 20

Baby It's Dry Outside, And So Are Those Ends!

Join us in kicking off the festive season in style! Lift Hair is here to spread some cheer. Don't miss out on hand picked stocking fillers for your loved ones.

Lift Hair celebrates the Cayman Holidays

Hand-Picked Stocking Fillers Perfect for Secret Santa Gifts.

Looking for the trendiest gift under $50? Look no further than Lift Hair's stocking fillers. Our range of gifts are not only affordable, with prices ranging from $15 - $50, but they are also the most splendid items sure to put a smile on anyones face.

Accessories for a statement look

From scrunchies, clips, headbands and hair tools. We have something for everyone.

Product Minnies

Yes you heard it right! Lift Hair has got you covered with Unite and Virtue product minni's. Whether you are looking for a boost in volume or trying to tame unruly frizz, the minis will give you that extra va va voom.

Gift Cards

Will be wrapped in the perfect holiday envelope for your loved one to enjoy on a hair service or nurturing treatment.

Natalie Martin Doing hair in Grand Cayman

Three Festive Holiday Hairstyles to Dazzle This Season

  • Ice Queen Updo: Use a large scrunchy to add volume and fullness.

  • Sparkle This Season: Finish of those curls with a festive jewelled headband.

  • The Christmas Bow: Classic black velvet bows add just the right amount of elegance.

"May Your Holidays Be As Bright As Your Highlights."

Thank You for Choosing Us This Year!

We understand that you have a lot of hair choices when it comes to living in Grand Cayman. But we appreciate you for choosing us time and time again and trusting us with your hair! We look forward to welcoming you this new year for another 12 months of hair magic.

Take A Look At Our Top 2023 Hair Transformations

Lift Hair Transformation 2023

Lift Hair Transformation 2023

Lift Hair Transformation 2023
Lift Hair Transformation 2023

Whether you want a slight adjustment or a dramatic transformation, we customize our services to suit your individual style and preferences. Interested in enhancing your hair? Click here to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced stylists.

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