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Get Barbies Luscious Locks

This month, learn to create Lift Hair's signature soft and effortless beach curls. Access an exclusive first look at our brand new hair treatments.

Kelly Massias painting highlights cayman islands

Meet Colour Specialist & Senior Hair Stylist Natalie Martin


Natalie originates from England, while having trained in luxury salons around the Middle East.

She is one of Lifts senior stylists and has been on the Lift team for over 4 years.

Specializing in lived in color and low maintenance luxury looks. Natalie loves to enhance a clients natural hair color. Book with Natalie and ask for her signature bob or long soft layered cuts.

Natalie Lift Hair Salon Cayman Islands

Tips to Getting Effortless Beach Waves


  1. Towel dry hair and prep with a light weight styling cream and heat protectant.

  2. Let hair air dry or blow dry for a smoother finish.

  3. Use a 1.25 inch curling iron, hold the iron vertical and gently wrap the hair around the iron leaving the ends out. Release and let cool.

  4. Once cooled gently loosen waves with fingers and finish with a texture spay for extra volume.  

Treat Your Hair This Summer

With Lift's newest hair and scalp treatments! A pampering and rejuvenating experience designed to promote overall hair health and relaxation.

  1. Treatment begins with a consultation to understand your specific hair and scalp needs.

  2. Stylist will apply the treatment and treat you to a soothing head and neck massage, allowing you to fully unwind.

  3. Hair will be wrapped in a warm towel while heat from an infrared lamp will help to penetrate the treatment deep into your hair.

  4. Once the treatment is complete, we invite you to treat yourself to Lifts signature blowout and waves.

Blacklight Smart Hair Treatment

Blacklight Smart Treatment

A standalone pro treatment or additive to be added to chemical treatments.

Composed of proteins extracted from rice, this product strengthens hair inner structure and protects its surface during chemical treatments. It also offers porosity control.

Organic Scalp Hair Treatment

Take home Founder’s Blend Scalp & Hair Treatment a non-toxic, plant-based scalp treatment that revitalizes and nourishes the scalp microbiome. The topical emollient works to strengthen hair roots while restoring balance to the scalp's moisture levels, calming that pesky irritated skin. This powerful solution contains essential vitamins and minerals to help promote healthier growth of hair!

Manta Healthy Scalp Brush Cayman

Tools of the Trade: Style Like A Professional With Lift Hair's Top Performing Hair Brush


Manta Healthy Hair Brush - Reset your hair and scalp this summer by giving it what it needs and deserves. The iconic Manta hairbrush is a great scalp exfoliator while its ultra gentle bristles reduces hair breakage leaving you with long luscious locks.

Whether you want a slight adjustment or a dramatic transformation, we customize our services to suit your individual style and preferences. Interested in enhancing your hair? Click here to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced stylists.

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