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Allure Magazine - Sweet Mango Hair Trend Will Make You Crave a Color Refresh

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

I have to admit that some of the recent food-inspired food trends have made me scratch my head a bit. No tea, no shade to "cream soda" and "root beer" hair. Both are gorgeous, but they are just fancy names for blonde and brunette.

"Sweet mango" hair, however, is deliciously spot on. It looks like the hairstylist behind the fruity shade, Kelly Massias, color-matched an actual piece of dried mango to create the dye like you can do with paint at Home Depot. Instead, she looked to the sweet mangos that grow in Grand Cayman, where she just so happens to live.

Massias truly made a sweet mango hair happen, and I've never seen a hair color like it. The orange-y shade is just subtle enough to be considered natural-looking, but it's simultaneously bold enough to be placed in the rainbow hair category. It's not quite creamsicle, but it's not tangerine either. So what is it? Massias says she brushed an apricot-hued toner onto her client's pre-lightened blonde hair. (Massias lifted her hair to level nine, just in case you were wondering.) Plus, the stylist mixed in a bit of latte-colored dye to make the shade more coppery.

If your hair is already lightened, Massias says, "This is a great option for a blonde looking to have a little fun with her color." Because she mostly just used a toner, Massias adds that the look is low-maintenance and low-commitment, too. "The mango tone will fade back to blonde in about three weeks," she says.

As someone with dark brown hair, the only reason why I believe in the saying, "Blondes have more fun" is because they can easily change up their hair colors with fruit-inspired shades like this and "nude strawberry ."

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